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A standard insult used when someone is being a general dick, or acting like a fool.
Potentially used in occasions when someone makes a joke that's funny but makes you feel embarrassed to be their friend at the same time.
Also used in the film Borat 'Kill The Jewegg before it hatches'
1 - Why did the chicken cross the road?
2 - Dont know.
1 - It just did.
2 - Man your such a jewegg.
by DeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeJ January 27, 2011
1 4
An egg laid by jewish women to produce offspring. These eggs are rather large and will hatch quickly, so should promptly be smashed. Only video known video evidence recorded durring a "Running of the Jew" in Kazakhstan.
Is she? She is! She laid a Jew Egg! Quick, smash that chick before it hatches!
by Keifer Sterner December 07, 2006
346 106
Fried or poached egg on a toasted onion bagel.
I'd rather have a Jew egg than an Egg McMuffin!
by Mike Comanche March 04, 2009
51 34