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Is a term used by Special Forces operators (SFO) to describe israeli Special Forces , specifically Sayeret Matkal , Shayetet 13 and Sayeret Shaldag . It is a genuine term , and not derogatory . An analogy would be Seal team 6 who were once described by an Iraqi civilian as ' Ninjas with lions ' . This predated the UBL raid , and the exact description was " Ninjas came with lions " . Jewdedi derived to describe any one of the three Israeli Special forces , usually with a tag to indicate which team , like Jewdedi one three for Shayetet 13 , or Jewdedi Sam for Sayeret Matkal .
SF 1 - Who got that Somalian hostagejob , it's been almost a week since the terrorist attack .

SFO 2 -Jewdedi one three got it .

SFO 1 -badass Any word ?

SFO 2- Nope.

SFO 1- so it went clean , or they are still holding ?

SFO 2 - Like a whistle , no casualties .

SFO 1- Ninja mother fuckers , hardcore special forces bro.
#special forces #sayeret matkal #sayeret shaldag #navy seals #peace #war #air force #intelligence #sbs #sas #reconnaissance #forward air controllers #bad ass #special forces operators #iraq #oman . israeli idf
by SW10 May 25, 2014
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