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When two Jews bang fists against each other in ethnic solidarity.
'I gave him a jewbump after the rally.'
by supd March 22, 2010
The bump that Jewish people have on their noes that makes it huge.
Wow, look at that Jew-bump, even without the Yam-aka, you can tell he's a Jew.
by rhaller09 May 15, 2010
a large or easily noticeable bump on ones nose, usually a Jewish person.
"Dude you see that girls jew bump?"
by Dustin3330 September 21, 2007
Term used to describe a suspiciously smaller pickup of one's preferred illicit drug, usually cocaine. This refers to Jews being stereo-typically dicks about money and wanting to cut corners wherever they can.
"Hey man, you got any more of that stuff?"
"Sorry, my guy gave me a jew bump and I'm all out. Also have you read Mein Kampf?"
by herg'mgurk July 19, 2015
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