a mistaken word for Juke Box
dyke: (mumbling over her words) So my mom collects jukeboxes

Beautiful: What is a jew box?!
by jewbox October 07, 2007
Top Definition
Synonym for Television. So called because many people claim that virtually all of the MSM (mainstream media) is under Jewish control.
You can't trust anything that comes out of the Jew box.
by Emmanuel bin Goldstein February 04, 2008
The small black leather boxes that religious jews sometimes wear on their head containing verses from the Torah written on scrolls of parchment.
You see that Jew over there with his Jew box on his head.
by Jewishbox June 29, 2012
An xbox that your roommate brought in that works about as well as a jew in a pork sausage factory.
God I was in the middle of playing some insert game name here and the jew box froze! Fuck that shit!
by NotKosher69 January 16, 2011
A person who mindlessly causes frustration, inconvenience or loss to another while at the same time not suffering any loss themselves.
Thinking of an example would be so infuriating that my blood pressure would go up and I'd get myself in trouble. That's what it's like when you're the victim of a jewbox!
by Ude January 03, 2008
A box full of jews
Jew Box
by Jew Baiting January 19, 2010

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