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When someone makes a U-Turn to avoid a toll booth
Mort: Hold on im gonna make a Jew turn here theres a toll coming up.
Schindler: Aww cmon!
by B-dizzle and J Bird August 11, 2010
the act of making a U-turn or turning around in a car, but only for the reason that you left your coupons at home
"Honey, do you have the Coupon?". "Oh crap, I forgot it, just hang a Jewturn right here".
by Scottynicotine February 11, 2010
Being an orthodox Jew (Jerry curls, stupid hats and all) and committing the act of making a complete U-turn, simultaneously stopping traffic from both directions while you look through your coke bottle glasses to see what the hell you are doing.
"Holy crap dude, you see that moron...he's u-turning in the middle of traffic!!"
"No dude look at the curls and hat, he's making a Jew-turn"
by Turtle494 March 06, 2008
Just like a U turn but you say Jew instead.
Hey Petey make a jew turn here at this light.
by Andrew Stump August 30, 2005
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