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The Maxwell Street Market (Chicago)
During and after the period of Jewish predominance, the area was colloquially known as "Jew Town." Although there were many fine stationary department stores located there, the area's most notable feature was its open air market, which was the precursor to the flea market scene in Chicago. One could almost buy anything there, legal and illegal. The old Chicago Police Academy on O'Brien Street was adjacent to it.
We are going to go shopping in Jew Town.
by Warner27 July 10, 2008
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Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan, you very nice place! From plains of Tarashek to northern fence of Jewtown!
by Polska_Deutschland_Russland September 22, 2008
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A very large, quiet suburb with big houses. Many people drive mercedez benzs. People have a lot of money (or at least talk like they do) but never seem to want to spend any money.
by laughalot6701 September 20, 2009
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