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A Jewish person, or one identified as being Jewish.
Golda Mier was born in Russia, grew up in America, and became the first and only female Prime Minister of Israel; moreover, she was a Jew fuck.
by Daniel O'leary January 10, 2008
During intercourse, when one partner 'finishes' and leaves without helping the other party get their rocks off.
Last night, he totally blew his load and made up some excuse about needing to get home. Bastard left before I could get off. I totally got jewfucked.
by SpleenRippa April 25, 2010
A Person who is acting jewish hence the word Jew-Fuck
1.You motherfucking Jew-Fuck
2.Your a Jew-Fuck
3.I'm a Jew-Fuck
by urbanbastard June 10, 2009
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