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Manischevitz wine, a Kosher wine commonly sold in most grocery and liquor stores. This wine is cheap and very sweet and is also commonly used as communion wine in many churches.
Do you want me to bring some Jew brew over for Seder?
by James Sssssssssssssssssssss January 28, 2007
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A beer for jews designed by the finest german engineers.

Ingrediants: Pig's feet, "other parts" of pig, a bunch of different hard liquors from all over Europe, a dash of milk, and tears of jews.
"Yo David, are you sure this Jewbrew is kosher? I mean, we aren't even supposed to eat pig, let alone pig AND milk together."

"Jamaul, Ish em toooo dwunk toooo cshharee" (translation: Jamaul, I am too drunk to care"
by IAmActuallyAJewSoThisIsOkay January 29, 2009
A jewish man or woman that is an alcoholic.
Man, Mrs. Broflovski is having another beer, she's such a jewbrew.
by Geordy September 24, 2008

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