An amazing person. One who hunts jews. Born from the roman god zeus. of godly origin.
is that jesus?

no, its a jew hunter!
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by scotty----- August 28, 2009
Top Definition
I person who hunts jews for the gold quarters the keep in their jew pants. Many Jew hunters these days are acctually jewish people just looking for more quarters.
Sam "Today I got caught by a jew hunter"
Sam's Jew Wife "Oh Dear! Are your quarters safe?"
Sam "He got the ones in my pouch but I had some hiden in my Jew sock"
#jew #hunter #bad #smelly #hunt
by Auldy March 10, 2008
a person who dedicates there life to hunting jews, either for the purpose of slaying them or taking their jew gold (a bag of gold held around the neck of all Jews, but watch out for the fake bag they use as a decoy.)
hey i'm a Jewhunter, give me your jew gold or i'll slay you jew

#jew #money #penis #word #name #girls #vagina #tits
by abc123Matt November 05, 2008
A group of people that seek out members of the Jewish Community (predominantly Hasidics)in order to take pictures of them. Their love, admiration and fascination of their customs and acessories such as yamikas, curls, holidays and theirbirds' nests create an obsession. Most of these people are not actually jewish but become so obsessedwith them that they begin celebrating their holidays and usually end up practicing their religion. Sometimes women are called jew chasersbecause they are out their looking for a husband. Often in highly populated Hasidic communities such as New Square, kj and monsey these people go on their hunting expeditions. #looking4husband
The Jew Hunters were spotted Saturday night in Wal-Mart, where they took photographs of Hasidics because they were looking for a husband.
#hassidic #yumika #hasidic #jew #looking4husband #monsey #new york #hanukah #chanukah #obsessed #jew chaser #hunter #torah #yamika
by Odin villanowitz December 29, 2014
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