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A bagel, lox (thinly sliced smoked salmon), and cream cheese. Just like the staple of "American cusine" is the hamburger, so too is the bagel, lox, and cream cheese for Jews.
Sunday morning brunch: Mom, please pass me another jew burger with extra schmear!
by Nonny December 04, 2005
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The traditional Jewish staple; a bagel with lox and cream cheese. Just like the hamburger is an American tradition so too is the bagel, lox, and cream cheese for Jews aka the Jew Burger.
At Sunday brunch: Mom, pass me another Jew Burger with extra lox please!
by Nonny November 17, 2005
Chicken Royale
Paul got a Jew Burger at Burger King today
by rmacd91 May 15, 2012
adj. A derogatory term used to describe one of many Jewish persons with greasy hair or skin. Often used as slang to describe any person who is avaricious and is sly enough to get away with your posessions.
That damned Jewburger just jacked my TV and I didn't even realize it.
by ELD3Rklink December 04, 2008
A jew burger is when a male of the Jewish culture feasts on a burger, with the meat from his own foreskin, maybe sided with chips with sperm sauce
The Jew was feasting on his mates Jew burger.

MMM, that Jew burger was delicious.
by Mohommad habib RHAC November 24, 2010
A hamburger made with a bagel, and cooked in the oven
I love jew burgers, but sauce drips out the bagel hole and gets all over the place.
by i-mer November 15, 2005

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