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The Jew Bomb is another name for the Tripmine in Halo. It's called this because on your map it looks like the star of david.
Dammit Will stop laying down those Jew Bombs everywhere!
by P53|_|d0|\|y|V| March 01, 2010
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Dropping the Jew Bomb in hope of ditching that ex-flirt, saying that you're supossedly jewish.
Guy: "Did you know I was Jewish?"
Girl: "Aww hell no, you're dropping the Jew Bomb on me?"
by Inventi May 25, 2014
-Bombs or any kind of explosive that were used to by the Israelis against its enemies.(Palastine & the Hamas in particular.)

-A chain of unbearable false information or lies often regarded as a "bombardment" which commited by the jews.
-Jewish and Zionist propaganda, statements, or any kind of information.(only apply when the information is extremely pro-jewish.)
-In a much simple words, Jewish bullshit.
A Jew bomb landed on my neighbour's house.

Jewish Guy: The Israeli people are the direct descendant of Jesus Christ and Hercules,which makes us the best race in the world.

Another Guy: Take Ur f**king Jew Bombs and stick it up ur ass.Only an idiot will buy your story!!!
by RickRoll'd March 12, 2009

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