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Used to describe any place that is too warm; i.e. the inside of a cremation oven.
When Todd walked into his Grandma's room he said, "It's hotter than a Jew Bake in here".
by PooPoo McCuddles August 20, 2011
slang for a jr bacon cheeseburger from Wendys
hay, give me two jewbakes!
by Mr Jew Bake March 05, 2007
Pretty self-explanatory

.. For the less knowledgable ones, it is the act of burning a jew whether in a oven or tied around a wooden pole.
Dave: I just pwned that jewbake
by Kylowned August 27, 2006
to cook beyond well done, burnt to a delightfully crunchy crisp, blackened to an african color...preferably in a giant oven
Example 1:
Cook: OH FUCK!! i jewbaked those brownies FUCKITY FUCK FUCK!
Example 2:
Dude: I'd like a bacon cheeseburger with a n soj.
Waitress: How would you like that cooked?
Dude: Jewbaked please.
Waitress: Of course.....PSST meet me in the bathroom AND WE'LL HAVE WILD RACOON SEX!
by GG_VVV August 16, 2004