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Faux-hickoid scion of a wealthy New England family transplanted to Texas, where his daddy, a future U.S. president, worked in the awl bidness. Served as governor of Texas. Was appointed to the U.S. presidency on December 12, 2000, by the Supreme Court; took office on January 20, 2001; proceeded to start a war in Iraq and wreck the U.S. economy. Scheduled to be replaced on January 20, 2009, unless he declares himself "dictator" or "decider"; in that case, all bets are off.
Looks like ol' Jethro Mussolini has his monkeys in the State Department trumping up another case for invading one of them "furrin countries," in this case Iran.

Jethro Mussolini attached "signing statements" to several bills he signed into law today, essentially changing the meaning of them into something else.

Jethro Mussolini pronounces nuclear as "NEW-kyu-luhr."
by Giacomo G October 02, 2007
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