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Jet Star is one of the characters used by the band my chemical romance in the album Danger Days: The true Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys. This character is played by Ray Toro.
jet star is awesome
by victoria purple October 20, 2011
Qantas Low Cost Airline Named Jetstar a rival to Virgin Blue to relaim the "No Frills" Air Service Market.

Uses Saying:

"All Day, Every Day Low Fares"
Jetstar... "All Day, Every Day Low Fares"
by Tassiedude April 24, 2006
When referring to travelling through the air on budget but with efficiency and ease in the Asia Pacific. Must encompass use of technology e.g. boarding pass in the form of a text message.
"It was a real jetstar when I travelled from Auckland to Queenstown"
by ambamjam January 03, 2013
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