Main character in the best selling fiction book of all time. Don't bother reading it though, he dies in the end.
I'm so bummed that Jesus Christ got killed off in the end of the Bible! But hey, they could totally make a killer zombie movie from his resurrection.
by skifreemt February 25, 2010
A cosmic Jewish Zombie who was his own father and can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree.
Damn, that guy Jesus Christ sure is bad-ass. He somehow managed to revive himself after being nailed to a giant board. Props, yo.
by Levi Hizzle August 12, 2009
Claimed as Son of God, being born of a virgin. Lived His life telling the Good News and healing people who were hurt physically and spiritually. He hung out with sinners(even went to parties and drank), and it made the Pharisees jealous cause they couldn't have much fun as Jesus did so they planned to kill Him. Even though He committed no sin, He was crucified on the cross but rose again on the third day, conquering sin and death. Went back to Heaven and gave us the Holy Spirit, so we can continue to share the Good News.
All Jesus Christ wanted was love.

Jesus Christ was a G. He chilled with the thugs, beggars, prostitutes, and other sinners.

Jesus Christ kicked sin and death's ass.
by JesterHat December 06, 2008
Interjection best used when in pain, surprise, or discontent. See also shit,holy shit.
Jesus Christ: I am your lord and savior. I have returned.
Person: Jesus Christ!
by Jesus Himself April 24, 2005
Christ was not Jesus's last name. The name "Christ" was used to identify the Messiah, whom Jesus was. The Son of God. The Lion of the Tribe of Judah. The rose of Sharon. The Fairest of Ten Thousand. The Bright and Morning Star. The Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. The Great Shepard. The Rock of Ages. Jesus "Christ" is the 2nd person of the Trinity and Son of the eternal God, who created the universe. Jesus Christ was the human incarnation of that God. His incarnation was predicted centuries prior in Micah 5:2.
Jesus Christ is the single-most influential human being to have walked on planet Earth. He will come again to set up his kingdom, of which there will be no end.
by krock1dk November 24, 2007
1. the Messiah, the Son of God. Actually the word "Christ" is a title, it comes from the ancient Greek word "Christos" which means "Savior", "Redeemer" or "Messiah". At first He was referred to as "Jesus the Christ", later simply "Jesus Christ".

2. an excuse for politicians and corrupt self-appointed preachers to tug on people's faith, ignorance and heartstrings to get their votes, loyalty and money.

3. an exclamation used as an expletive when one is surprized, startled, or explosively angered. Harsher than "Holy shit!". Sometimes people place an "H" or a "fucking" between the 2 words in His name.
1. Jesus Christ is an important figure in various religions including Judaism, Islam, Bahaism, Sikhism, and of course Christianity.

2. Summer 2000:

Selected TV reporter: Mr. George W. Bush, who is your favorite philosopher?

George W. Bush: Uhhhhhh, Jesus Christ!

TV viewer #1: oooh, he's an true Christian man! He gets my vote!

TV viewer #2: Oh brother! He says this now after smearing John McCain by saying his Vietnam War ex-POW status made him too shell shocked and crazy to be President. Then he told more lies about McCain to get the GOP ticket.

Did Dubya say

"Jesus Christ" as an answer or an expletive? Does anybody have an idea?

3. TV evangelists and megachurch swindlers are always stealing money from the sick and the old. Politicians love to start wars. All thses things and more are often in the name of Jesus Christ Almighty.

4. In my 11th grade English class, Kevin, a prankster who is dumber than a brick (like Dubya) placed a frog in the teacher's briefcase on her desk. She opened it up, jumped back and yelped, "Jesus Christ!". Kevin thought he was being cute.

5. It's become hip for some militant atheists to believe that Jesus Christ never existed. For somebody who doesn't exist He has made a tremendous impact on culture and history ; )

6. Jesus Christ died to take away your sins, not your mind.
by Blue Highway Rider May 15, 2011
Jesus was a man who told everyone to treat others how you want to be treated.
Jesus Christ was awesome.
by AChrisianDeist February 26, 2011
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