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A marijuana cigarette rolled with Bible pages in lieu of joint papers.
"Hey, Caleb, we should roll a joint!"

"I wish we could, Brandon, but we don't have any papers."

"Wait! I have my bible! Let's roll a Jesus joint!"

"Oh joyous day! Our afternoon is saved! Quick, I'll race ya to 1st John!"
by brandonjamesrice November 18, 2009
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A marijuana cigarette created by using the roaches of pass joints smoked, thus resurrecting the past joints into one super joint.
E-Dawg - "Let's blaze one, yo."
JDizzle - "We ain't got not weed, G."
E-Dawg - "You got roaches?"
JDizzle & E-Dawg - "JESUS JOINT!"
by jester0510 January 06, 2009

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