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When one makes a statement, that depending on listener’s faith and devotion to Christianity, can instigate anger and castigation.
Brandon and Laura stormed out of my apartment after Clay told them that the Virgin Mary was only a virgin because of a mistranslation from Hebrew to Greek which really pushed their jesus button.
by C.R. Strenth July 10, 2008
The clitoris of a very religious woman, typically of the "Bible-thumping" variety.
Q: "What's wrong with Sue Ellen? She seems so tense."
A: "You know she and Billy have been having problems - I don't think he's tickled her jesus button lately."

Q: "Do you think Miriam and Seth are having an affair? They seem awfully close."
A: "I doubt it - there's no way Seth's activated her jesus button!"
by Nicholas W June 06, 2007
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