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A spoiled, idiotic adolescent female from Ontario, Canada, typically rich and white, whose language is insulting to human intelligence.
"like, no, i mean like, should i like, maybe get ride of like, this idea? or maybe i'll even like, go shopping this weekend at Sherway Gardens, and my Semi Formal dress was soo CHEAP! it was on sale for 300 dollars! I trained this horse! and i'm so rich! i could go anywhere for my 16th birthday but i'd rather only go to oakville, because i like to let people down and flaunt that i have LOTS of money! I'M JESSIE B, EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW OF MY UNWANTED EXISTANCE"
by saltedcrackers January 06, 2010
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"She heard that an important position in the company opened up, so she pulled a full on Jessie B, trying to suck up to the bosses"
by I am me, who are you? August 21, 2013
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