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A wonderful name that means "gracious gift from God".
A girl you are lucky to know. Jessica's tend to have the brightest smiles. They usually give you full attention & have an intense stare that can be intimidating, but they are so sweet there is no need to be intimidated. If you are a guy & you let a Jessica get away then you are a dumb shit because Once a Jessica loves, she loves forever. Jessica's deserve guys that will go to the ends of the earth, & walk on fire to be with them. That's how amazing they are. Jessica's are also good friends that are always there for a friend in need. They are Loyal, kind & forgiving. Anyone who would take advantage of or lie to a Jessica is a worthless piece of shit who doesn't deserve to live. If you have ever wronged a Jessica you should be eternally ashamed of yourself.

Jessica's stand up for what is right, & tend to do the right thing. They are never to proud to say sorry if they do the wrong thing. Basically Jessica's are amazing.
person1: Jessica Hall rox my sox dude
person2: Jessica Hall effing kicks epic ass
person1: No shyt mane...wanna ring her up?
person2: Nah dude she's way outta our league.
by Miss_Merody November 05, 2011
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