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She is a skinny white girl. Who talks about her last name. Shes my organic sistah and shes very frugal. She knows how to make me laugh so hard that i might just pee my pants. She has the most amazing hair. and im totes jelly of it. Even though she goes to a different school and dont really know who im talking about most of the time, i tell her EVERYTHINGG. Shes like my long lost sister, but better cuz sisters fight and we dont!
Dude A---DAYUMMM DUDE! I saw this hot chick yesterday!

Dude B---What was her name?

Dude A---Uhh Melany?

Dude B---Oh. She probs wasnt that hot since her name wasnt Jessica Almeida.
by YourBestie96 November 19, 2010
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