a girl who is so mean that when you pass her in the hall her glare will burn your eyes out. If that doesn't finish you, she'll obviously state at things that she gets 5 seconds later than you did if youre watching something funny.
shes so stupid that if you asked her to get you some medicine for a head ache she'll get your peptobismol.
she is a charlleton on almost every subject there is, and if you say she is wrong, she'll smile and then fart, then blame it on the dog. she is good however, with animals. she doesn't like to wear sports bras because they make her teen tits look small.
jim - hey did you see jessi the other day?

robert - yeah, and now i cant see at all. bitch burnt my eyes out.
#girl #silly #niggerfaggot #what #okay
by TheAngelsArchitect May 29, 2009
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