jesse is a hot rage-gamer nerd who doesnt masturbate in front of other guys,even though he slightly gay openly admits it, i find him terribly gorgeous and funny. Even when hes screaming at a game, kinda huge turn on tooo. but lets not talk about that? Music? ohhhh he has a great sense of music, he makes me smile alot. :)
"You know that jesse hoyle dude?"
"Errrrr Yeahh. I slept with his raccooon"
"AWHHHHSomee. How About an awesome foursome?"

"soooo you know jessseeee?"
"yeahh he's like a bad ass, except cuter."
"Word. Keep It Real."
"Keep it Sexy."

the end :)
by Perculiar, ;) June 20, 2009
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