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Multiple Messiah, Jesuses for the born again, again Christian.
When one were to make too many Jesuses in a nativity diarama one could concievably say "hey look at the Jesi"
by lorna street June 29, 2005
47 34
someone completely different than you've ever met. she's athletic, sexy & sweet, but doesn't put up with shit. she does things her own way and won't let anyone tell her how to live her life. she has a secret past that no one knows about and plans to keep it that way. jesi's a daredevil, very outgoing, and willing to try everything atleast once. she's strong with her beliefs and will tell you when you're doing something she doesn't agree with.
mark: "have you met jesi?"

james: "yeaaah maaan...she's somethin else!"
by joby16 August 31, 2008
147 58
The plural of Jesus (Pronounced hey-sy).
A flock of jesi is approaching from the west.
by MaliceLocke March 03, 2012
8 2
Word coined by Riki Skutt

Jesi - "Jesuses"; a word used to refer to multiple entities of Jesus or those who possess incredible skills, thus resembling Jesus-like powers
The task was too difficult for even Jesi to accomplish.
by 123451234512345654321 October 01, 2011
5 4
The plural term for Jesus
That church is full of Jesi!
by Plause August 01, 2009
19 22
Pronounced G Zi
multiple Jesus. More than one Jesus.
In the event that one Jesus wasn't enough the holy man knew he could summon Jesi on a whim to provide more Miracle Whip!!
by Brown Megatron March 11, 2008
13 23