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a girl who in fact does not care only about popularity. she does try to be a good friend but i do not believe she fails at it. usually she is pretty insecure rather than self centered. she worries too much about what other people think. she does have some flaws but she is an overall wonderful person.
Oh she seems very friendly, what a jeselle :)
by ihatebitches3897561958 November 07, 2011
a girl who only cares about popularity, if you are popular she will accept you and like you immediately. she gets mad at stupid things that don't actually matter. she tries to be a good friend, but usually fails. she likes to have to world revolve around her. likes to show-off her good figure and usually large boobs. calls herself fat and says she has small boobs, just so people will tell her the opposite and boost her self esteem.
oh that girl? no i heard shes a jeselle.
by chica67892345 July 01, 2011

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