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The Jersey Shore Challenge involves taking a shot every commercial break for an entire episode of The Jersey Shore. Commercial breaks are typically every 7 minutes. If a commercial break is missed then on the following break the participants can take a double shot to remedy the missed shot.
"Dude, MTV is lame. Commercials every seven minutes."
"Yeah but it's got me hella wasted on this Jersey Shore Challenge night.

"Another Jersday Night, another Jersey Shore Challenge"
by Jewie_J February 02, 2012
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A Jersey Shore Drinking Game in which the participants take 1 shot every commercial break during an episode of The Jersey Shore. Commercial breaks are every 6-7 minutes typically.
Bryan: "I issue you a Jersey Shore Challenge!"
Josh: "Challenge accepted!"

Meathead1: "Bro I got so hammered last night"
Meathead2: "What'd you go to Karma?"
Meathead1: "Nah, it was a Jersey Shore Challenge night"
by Jew-boi February 23, 2012
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