Sex. To fuck or the act of having sex. Gay language in the Philippines for sex.
Let's go jerjer tonight.
by Sharkybyte April 01, 2008
Top Definition
It is a Filipino expression of the word "sex".
Damn! that hoochie is of the hook when it comes to jerjer.
by Angelo Rosales January 21, 2006
jerjer is when 2 people (male and female to be specific) make tot-tot.
daym i saw 2 ppl jerjering at the park last night!
by jaetot March 21, 2005
a coloquial word for sex; an act of having sexual activity or relation; human sexual intercourse.
Jerjer is an expression of love.
by neilyoung February 25, 2008
when you accidentally type jer jer instead of hee hee

Jens Name!
jer jer! that was funny!
by Pimpette aka Jen! April 01, 2005
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