when your taking a poo and it curls up and pokes you in the leg
I was had such a large poo it jericurl'd on me!
by maxstar August 22, 2009
Top Definition
not cornrow style hair. It was used by african americans, such as michael jackson, in the 80's and looked like small curls that were completely doused in hair gel
by Yalahdesh August 19, 2003
When a black girl is flirting with a white guy.
Did you see how she was acting? She was all jeri-curl on you!
by bezel333 December 31, 2005
A cornrows-like hairstyle that was popular with African-Americans in the 1980's.
"Bartender, bring me a Big Mac combo and a Jeri curl kit." -B.G.

"Had a Jeri curl didn't quite learn...on da block with yo' glock trippin' on sherm." -2pac
by Nick D June 04, 2003
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