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A very hot, attractive, often swampy lady. She often will have a sweaty vagina and it will smell like that shit you took last night. No one wants to go near it, but everyone wants to fuck it.
"Jeremy's Mom rode my cock like a kid riding a pony at the grocery store."
"Jermemy's mom is hot"
"Jeremy Mom's vagina got fucked by a skinny (jeremy) kid last night.
#milf #jeremys #mom #mommy #mutter
by Jeremy Skinnyberg October 25, 2010
1. the mother of jeremiah.

2. a reference to something randomly unexpected.
Guy 1: What the hell was that!?!?!?

Guy 2: It's jeremy's mom.
#spoogelicious #your mom #twinkie #eddie #pumpkin pie
by Dr. Cookie December 29, 2006
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