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Musician, founder of maleminded, and tumblr champ. Got dumped by a crazy chick who wanted to "have fun" in college, but is not interested in any of his silly tumblr fangirls. Occasionally offensive but no more offensive than the smell of your snatch. Probably a freak in bed, but you'll never know, and that's why many tumblr-ettes cry themselves to sleep every night. King of entertaining GIFs and would go gay for Brad Pitt. Get some.
Every female on tumblr: "Jeremiah Van Guilder? Oops, panty splash!"
by visual-inspiration@tumblr October 10, 2011
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Guy who runs male minded, practically the best invention to help girls since tampons
Prone to mood swings BUT STILL AWESOME
*reply to this "all I heard.. was moodswings"

practically perfect to all that have known/ seen him via tumblr, a commodity on this planet and an appreciator/psychopath over kittens.
...secretly all followers are kinda scared of what his sarcasticness would translate to in person
1) "God josh .. try to be more like... Jeremiah van guilder"

2) "I like the XX" "what a jeremiah van guilder"
by #can't be bothered really October 03, 2011

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