A term derived from the movie "Forrest Gump" featuring Tom Hanks. It comes from his memorable phrase of, "I love you Jenny" and has now become a slang term for someone with special needs or mental retardation.
Wow dude you are a real Jenny for not realizing 2+2=4
by Shloup June 19, 2013
A female donkey or an ass. ( According to Wikipedia )
Person A : Hey 'Jenny''.
Jenny: ... Hi ?
by iMomoplay May 01, 2009
Phoenitic pronunciation of genis. Genital Warts.
Don't fuck Stephanie, that bitch has the jennys!
by Mighty B February 22, 2006
- noun, plural - ies
1. Early spinning machine having more than one spindle, enabling a person to spin a number of yarns simultaneously 2. The female of certain animals (a female donkey or a female bird)
3. Female given name
4. Nautical slang for genoa
5. American slang for genitalia

Also said as Jennie
1. We need more clothing! Chavez, get on the jenny!
2. My Chickadee's eggs just hatched. They're all jennies.
3. Hoist the jenny!
4. She tried to grab my jennies!
by Ckrius April 20, 2012
1: Girls lucky enough to be born with this name are very confident, smart, and beautiful. They can be quite care free and playful at times, always full of laughter and surprises. Her sense of humor is rivaled by none. With impeccable taste in fashion, music, food, literature, shows, and social events Jenny always knows what's hot in any city. This type of girl could sport an umbrella with cherubs printed on it when it's not even raining, and get away with it. This is because a Jenny has the style and mystery of a snow leopard. She is the life of any party, and she is always invited. Jenny is the type of girl that every mother prays to the gods that their son will bring home, because she knows how to treat a real man. She is the quintessential girl next door, with a streak of dark humor. Jenny will tell you how it is, straight up, but not in a bitchy way. Jenny's may seem innocent to the casual observer. If you are lured into this tigers den of love though, you will have entered a land of enchantment and pleasures, only survivable of the brave of heart. A Jenny can drive a madman insane if she decides to. Every guy dreams of being with this girl, even if it's only for a fleeting moment. Keep on dreaming though, unless you are a Michael, Ray, or Will type of guy. Only guys like these can keep up with such a woman. Jenny is THE deluxe package.

2: The real name of Little Baby Jesus' mother.
Guy 1: Check out that gorgeous angel talking to Ted, next to the water cooler.
Guy 2: Yeah, she lights this office up like a firework show!
Guy 1: She is a TOTAL Jenny.
by BigBankHank January 13, 2014
A goddess..Usually the most beautiful women in the room. Looks like a Victoria Secret Model and runs the world. Will most likely be the hottest MILF to walk the planet. Let me tell you Hot Hot Hot. A Jenny has a great personality and is deff going to make you laugh.
Guy: Wow who's the girl with that beautiful smile?

Other Guy: It's a Jenny!!!
by Jen Bunny February 02, 2008
Brown hair, lucious lips, HOT HOT HOTTIE!
she loves long walks on the beach
and going out to dinner ;)
BUbble baths are her fav!
My friends name is Jenny!
by HannahMayMay February 03, 2009

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