A feminine name that means "Beautiful flower" in Swedish
guy1: wow a beautiful swedish girl
guy2: that must be a jenna
by Tangerinemixof March 05, 2009
The most beautiful girl in the world

a heavenly beauty
guy1: *jaw drops, eye light up*
guy2: wow you look like you just saw Jenna
by LexieL March 05, 2009
Has tons of energy, caring but totally crazy, loud, smart academically but usually lacks common sense....
Woah, see that girl?

Yeah... she's a total Jenna.

She looks totally crazy.
by katiee<3sjenna December 27, 2009
the girl that everyone loves, some girls are veeeeeeerrry jealous of, all the boys wanna be with her but her heart is only with one. always looks good, no matter what shes wearing. smart, funny, creative, good at everything she does. and most of all.... beautiful
jenna is just the awesomeest girl that everyone likes. she is just plain awesome in every way
by xoxogurrl June 11, 2009
jenna is a sweedish name 4 "hot" no man can ever resist a TRUE jenna thre r sum ppl that should not be jennas but there parents made a mistake
dude she is so hot what a jenna
by vgeiylbdhkvx July 10, 2008
The girl that every guy wants to date and that every bitch envies.

You can't have her, she's exclusive.

great in bed
clean cut

and she's the sweetest girl you'll ever meet!

Jenna is the ideal lady
by Markie mark4 March 05, 2009
1. To Love someone a lot
2. A shy girl but once you get to know her she's outgoing
3. Addicted to monkeys and Johnny Depp
4. Broadway showtunes pump her blood
1. Wow I feel this Jenna connection with you.
2. Wow she's a Jenna
3. She's a Jenna!
4. You can always find her in New York in the showtune section. What a Jenna
by Jenna Banana February 06, 2008

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