Jenn is one with devilish qualities and petercheeks....One of a sly clever nature
Around the dark corner awaited a jenn...Such a clever one...
by S---B November 01, 2012
Top Definition
As the world is so overpopulated with Jennifers, we need to be able to distinguish the cool from the evil. The only acceptable abreviation for the cool Jennifers is Jenn. Jenny, Jen, Nifer and any other variations of Jennifer are hereby deemed stupid and will no longer be tolerated! Anyone still answering to any other variation will be recognised as evil and or a loser!
Linda: "Is that Jenny over there?"
Tim: *smacks Linda's face* "You mean Jenn right???"
Linda: *sobbing* "OMG I soooo meant to say Jenn!"
Tim: "It's okay, I won't tell Jenn what you called her! But only this once."
by Jennfu January 23, 2007
Highly intelligent, attractive, and creative. Witty and usually sarcastic. Compassionate & very loyal once you win her over -- warning, she will hold her own and do what's necessary if you prove incapable of being a healthy asset to her life.Ah, and certainly not least she is also very sensual... you'd be damn lucky to get her in bed let alone find a place in her heart.
"Jenn is the woman of my dreams."
by missrightquiteoften February 11, 2010
The most amazing girl in the world, the yin to my yang. Often under-appreciated, but as precious as a diamond. Be the one to have her fall in love with you and you'll be the luckiest man in the world. Also known as Jenni
The way Jenn makes me feel is often indescribable.
by Goodguess February 03, 2010
A very beautiful girl. She's shy and not too self-confident, but adorable nonetheless. Despite hella issues, she's as sweet and creative as they come.
Guy 1: How does Jennifer spell her name? Jen? Jenna? Jenny?

Guy 2: Nope, Jenn
by dosed12345 March 10, 2012
Fun, outgoing, insanely smart, insightful, inwardly and outwardly beautiful. Able to have an intelligent conversation while also appreciating the importance of a fun night on the town, a sexy dress and a hot pair of shoes. Values love, respect, truth and justice.
Jenn is a multi-talented, facinating and mysterious person. Getting to know the real her, may present an opportunity for true friendship.
by ladyfreak February 05, 2010
The most beautiful girl you've ever seen. She has a heart of gold and is the nicest person you'll ever meet. Every girl wishes to be her, and is completely jealous of her. She is caring and adored by everyone. She always catches guys attention. She is the most amazing, beautiful, intelligent and fantastic girl you will meet
Girl 1: "Jenn's so pretty"
Girl 2: "ya I wish I was her"
Girl 1: "same"
by BobitaLovesBob April 16, 2015
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