(noun, vulgar, Persian)
1. In Persian street language it means a worthless bitch or girl who fucks everything on two legs usually for free or a low price.
This slang is composed of Jende meaning bitch and "2 zari" which is similar to "2 penny" as a sign of being cheap and low.

2. a slang used for cheap and low level people (especially girls).
Asshole 1: This chick rocks! look at her boobies, two fresh fucking watermelons!
Asshole 2: Come on! She's such a jende 2 zari, she fucks for an ice-cream.

Earl: Hey Crabman, can you invite me to some free beer?
Crabman: Get the fuck away Earl, you fucking jende 2 zari!
by BrainX December 27, 2008

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