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A Jehovah Geek loves Jehovah and despised for it.
A Jehovah Geek fears God.
A Jehovah Geek studies the Holy Scriptures and practice being holy until he/she is holy.
A Jehovah Geek loves Jesus.
Courtland is a Jehovah Geek.
A Jehovah Geek is a church boi/boy or girl/gul.
A Jehovah Geek is a preacher/minister; who loves people and goes to church.
A Jehovah Geek never judges a person.
A Jehovah Geek is humble and caring.
A Jehovah Geek believes/confesses Christ Jesus the Lord.
Courtland is a Jehovah Geek (Jesus frEak) and I don't like it, he sucks.
I love Jehovah.
Man, you are a Jesus freak.
I believe Jesus is Lord.
Christ is raised from the dead.
by dxe February 19, 2008
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