Jeffed Up, or JEFFED is what happens when the "company" insists on providing sexual gratification, (usually via the anal fuck) (whether the recipient expects/desires it or not), followed up by a good serving of Boston Pancakes. To be "Jeffed Up", you may be "gratified" by any member or non-members (ie: dildo) of the Jeffing parties body. It is important to note that the "Jeffin" party usually follows this up with some type of fucking over, ie: a good cold bitchslap to the face of the Jeffed one. This may be ordered "Stat" as well, meaning it should be done ASAP. Believed to originate around the time of the revolutionary war in Boston, or Philadelphia.
"Oh, you want a good ass fucking"? Well how about u git Jeffed Up tonite, or would you rather I Jeffstat you now?
by EMTCORNJOB July 20, 2009
Top Definition
Getting retarded (via either intoxication or by your own lack of mental capacity) to the point that you can no longer tell or care how unattractive a person is, how much your clothes do not match or how poor your personal hygiene is. You may also adapt your entire lifestyle to meet the goals of this poor hygiene awful clothing and sexing up of the grossest human beings possible.
Friend 1: Look at that girl Zach is with is he Jeffed up or what?

Friend 2: Totally man he picked her up at a buffet earlier today. He even went and rented a Tahoe to carry her around in.
by woo!party December 13, 2009
The act of making poor life-altering decisions while under the influence of excessive amounts of alcohol.
So I was blackout in Western last week right, next thing you know I Jeffed Up and spent $87 on Jägerbombs because they were $1.50 each.
by CaptainFatArms February 27, 2014
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