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getting slapped with a cheek
CHOCKIE eats squishy jeevan cheeks
by chongers12345656654 January 07, 2012

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jevan sexy
The most AMAZING boyfriend that any girl could ask for. Jeevan is smart, sexy, funny and absolutely adorable. He may have some weird tendensies but that's what makes him so perfect. His smile instantly makes you feel happy and he has FANTASTICALLY awesome hair. Also an extremely great kisser ;)
Jeevan is the bestest xxx ;)
by Naomi xxx September 16, 2012
Origin: Indian. Means 'life' in punjabi. Unisex.
Similar spellings for this name include: Jivan, Jevan, Jeeven.
'Jeevan' was a popular name in the 20th century.
by vikramj August 17, 2011