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Noun: The act of owning a Jeep (Wrangler, Cherokee, Compass etc.) and you don't take it off-roading/mudding etc.
My friend doesn't take his Jeep off-roading/mudding so therefore he is a Jeep Abuser.
by Shelby Simington October 16, 2007
Having a Jeep and not taking if offroad. Thus giving the Jeep the highly derogatory name "Street Jeep". These type of people are more likely to have their Jeep at a car show than a trail. These people spend thousands of dollars on their rigs only to sit in parking lots.
- Chris is out there waxing his Jeep again I think he is going to enter it in the Massillon car show again.

- I feel so sorry for that Jeep its emberassing to see it go through that Jeep abuse.
by Quikzx9r March 14, 2011

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