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an unusual sporting term
to perform a 'jeelen' is to put maximum effort into catching the ball in a game of cricket whilst using one hand, and gaining 2cm's of air time. it is commonly used when someone puts a heroic effort.
1. man you suck, even i could catch that ball, your such a jeelen.
2. you got jeelen'ed
3. you pulled a jeelen
by nosboiZ December 26, 2004
being a 'jeelen' refers to one being agressive amongst others with erratic behaviour, through flapping his hands or screaming or making unusual and inaudible sounds such as 'wa cha'
the word jeelen is believe to have been originated from the bong ancestors where 'jeelen' means my gay bitch.
1. fuck you jeelen
2. to chuck a jeelen is to wildy flap your hands in someones face and freak him/ehr out.
by Tong December 26, 2004
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