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(From the ancient myths)
A terrible monster/beast unworldly that causes terror and misfortune to those surrounding it. This creature is said to be very hideous and have boils all over its butt. The body color seems to change and vary for different parts especially the abdomen. The most unpleasant feature is its singing and killing dances that cause so much pain to the audience that the audience commits suicide.
Jee Hee will come soon; we must flee for our lives before it tortures us.
by Koiklpope344 July 05, 2009
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spoiled obnoxious frog that croaks while singing. At times you must slap the frog ten times to make it shut up. If it doesn't work, you must throw the frog outside and hit it with tomato sauce.

This "jee hee" is very weird and unfortunate to encounter.
People around this vary frog tend to get annoyed and run away from it. It seems to be very ugly and fat. Therefore, it is a very unpleasant sight.
That Jee hee is one ugly sight over there. It's hurting my ears.
by JJJ666JJJ555 July 05, 2009
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