(for mansexians)v. see squibble
give me a jedidiah beoch
by andy January 17, 2004
Top Definition
Jedidiah is someone that has one of the most stunning personalities you'll ever meet. He sometimes goes by Jedi, which isn't far from that which defines himself. He has an x-factor that just brings good luck and love by anyone who meets him. He is funny, very charming, and someone who is so easy to love.
Do you know Jedidiah? Of course I do, who doesn't?

Yo Jedi! Bro! you're the man!
by femrica April 19, 2009
Loved by GOD.
I am, You are, We are Jedidah
by Moose February 10, 2004
Truly a man among boys. Jedidiah's combination of intellectual brilliance and flawless, godlike physique leaves you earthly peasents dumbfounded. This guy has biceps so massive that their gravitational presence in our solar system is essential to life as we know it. Although one would expect this gem from God to have a larger than life persona, Jedidiah is known for his modesty and kindness to all which undeniably completes him as the perfect human being.
Hello ma'am do you have a moment to discuss our savior Jedidiah?
by God's gem August 14, 2013
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