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Governor of Florida, whose older brother's stupidity blew any chance of him being president.

Real name is John Ellis Bush, but he goes by "Jeb" in an effort to pretend he's not an Eastern prep school twit.
Jeb Bush got married to cover up his homosexuality.
by Bashman September 03, 2008
Brother of our current idiot president, Governor of Florida who helped his brohter steal the 2000 election, and hopefully HOPEFULLY not presidential candidate in 2008!!!
Jeb Bush is a slightly more intelligent and fatter George W. Bush, but not by much.
by liberal_hero April 12, 2005
a penis so small, it doesn't extend further than one's pubic hair (flaccid or firm)
"You don't want a booty call with Johnny, he's got a Jeb Bush down there."
by JDUB in LA July 03, 2015
a joke
Me: Hey dude, I have a Jeb Bush. Want to hear it?
Friend: sure
Me: knock knock
Friend: who's there?
Me: Jeb failed
Friend: Jeb failed who?
Me: Jeb Failed you
by Toppet May 26, 2016
Younger brother of President George W. Bush, and son of former President George H. W. Bush. Former Governor of Florida (Republican) from 1999-2007. Ran for Governor of Florida in 1994, but had election stolen by then-Governor Lawton Chiles (Democrat). Will probably run for President in 2012, because a Democrat will probably get elected in 2008. Is loved by most Floridians because he was a very competent Governor. He saw the state of Florida through some horrible natural disasters, including four devastating hurricanes in 2004 alone. He cut taxes, but the budget remained balanced. The economy of Florida is one of the strongest in the United States, with almost zero unemployment. Is much more intelligent than his brother, and a better public speaker than either his brother or father.
Jeb Bush is a great guy, and will make an excellent President someday soon.
by Reggie88 January 21, 2007
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