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Cyclops' bitch.
And then he said I got Jean Grey
by --------? August 26, 2003
71 47
1.One of the first members of the X-MEN
2. One the hottest members of the Marvel superhero team the X-MEN
1. Charles Xavier recruited Jean Grey into his acamedy while she was a young child.

2. Jean Grey had a tight ass in those movies
by NJ Jones July 22, 2006
77 36
Hands down one of the most popular marvel characters.

Jean Grey is one of the most powerful mutants to ever live. She has telepathic and telekinetic abilities.She can create and control flames at will as well as control matter, energy, and thoughts completely. She also can resurrect herself after death.
Woah ive died like 3 times in this video game and i still keep comeing back. Kid #2 Wow you must be pulling a jean Grey
by Phoenix__force August 15, 2009
41 10
Proper Noun meaning Sexy Bitch.
Yo, that Jean Grey is a sexy bitch.
by P-Land January 15, 2005
47 33
a little preppy perfectionist that like scott.
by shadow October 03, 2003
23 62