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Someone who is so cute and clumsy that you just cant help but fall in love with them.
Wow! That girl is such a Jazzle.
by JakeyKong February 21, 2011
To jizz on someones hair
Oh shit that girl just got jazzled!
by the chinchilla April 02, 2013
to have sex in a disgusting manner.
People tend to jazzle after getting drunk.
by Ortonwashere June 29, 2010
Meaning pretty or cool or neat-o! Jonas says thats its my dike word.. ITS NOT ITS CAZ HES A JEW AND IM BI!!hehe i men yes, jazzle..
Jews like jazzle quarters next to their dinner plates
by um.. no..my name.. u should no.. September 06, 2003