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The extremely Talented & Sexy screamer for the electronica band 'Blood On The Dance Floor'. Modeling, Performing & Entertaining are his passion. He's always swooning girls & guys with his amazing tattoos, peircings & his adorable smile..
botdfxfanatic1234:"OMFG, i met Jayy Von Monroe last night at one of his concerts!!"

dahviesxbaby89907"HOLY SHITTTT!! LUCKY! HE'S SO SMEXY! & he's really talented!!"

botdfxfanatic1234:"i'll send u the pic! his arms were around mee... *melts*"
by kelly katastrophie August 05, 2010
Screamer and vocalist for techno-alternative band, Blood On The Dance Floor.
Jayy Von Monroe is so talented!
by ToxicRawrxo January 18, 2010
Jayy Von Monroe is the screamer and rapper for techno-alternative group 'Blood on the Dance Floor'. He doesn't give a fuck about what anyone has to say about him, especially to those who bring him down, and he's very strong when it comes to standing up for one's beliefs.

Jayy is also harassed for being gay.

He is twenty three years old, with his birthday being on August 17, 1990.

Jayy Von Monroe doesn't consider himself religious. Instead, he puts his faith and belief in himself, and he is a strong promoter of self-confidence and being yourself.
by fuck the fame.ˣ November 07, 2013