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A hairy creature similar to bigfoot or sasquatch.
guy 1-Hey,i think I saw Jayvind in the woods yesterday
guy 2-Nah you probably imagined it.
by asdf42424 February 13, 2008
To invite yourself to a social gathering/event without being wanted by other atendees. By pulling a Jayvind you put others in a position of discomfort, a selfish and nonchalant act. This leaves a reckless, non-sympathetic member of the group to dash your hopes, perhaps resulting in you having to withdraw into hiding.
Jerrell: Gonna come round my joint later?
Liam: Yeah blud, there better be no mans pulling a Jayvind though.
Jerrell: If there is, you know the drill.
by Madman99 April 09, 2009