1. Jay-ran: Jay=imbecile. Ran=quick movement, similar to run

2. To ran across a street illegally or stupidly, like an idiot.

3. Proper British term: Jayrun. However, we are American. Proper American term: Jayran.
(After receiving a $75 ticket.) Hello officer. I swear we weren't jaywalking. We were jayranning! You can't give us a ticket for that because jayranning isn't illegal!
by PersonsWhoJayran November 10, 2011
Top Definition
1. white chick, uber hot, very sexy and the fantasy of many. Guys drool when she passes by and wish they could be her papi but she belongs only to a certain Mr. Nolasco.

2. The ultimate mamacita the one and only mami chula.

3. The Queen of Alabang.
Guy 1: Dude, did u see that girl who passed by? Ooh! I'd like to bang her.

Guy 2: Hell yeah. She's a jayran!!

by SexyMamacita October 09, 2006
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