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A person ( can be girl or boy) who is really cool and fun to be around with (can be used a nick name) .Or maybe your first love crush But normally used to be the greatest friend of all time
You are such a Jaymie
Who ? Jaymie? she is a joker
by Party4Life April 26, 2011
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Jaymie is a sweet and sexy girl who loves hard and falls hard, but don't fall for her, for once she gets what she wants she doesn't want it anymore. She is generally smart but can be a total blond at times. Jaymie will go out of her way to make you happy but once crossed she will seek revenge. She can be playful at times but also has a serious side, she can be very seductive so watch out.
watch out, Jaymie's going to break your heart.
by felonyspine February 03, 2010
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a very attractive young girl who is anxiously awaiting to try smoking the reefer and will have the time of her life while doing it...did i mention she was really pretty
i love jaymie dearly
by annonymous January 08, 2005
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The supreme being who will crush "them" if they get in his path.
Started the second renaissance
by JT Carlington October 22, 2003
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A man who can always make you laugh. This man will fart louder and longer than any man you've met, and will topple your highest decibel burp while keeping you laughing at a safe distance. Couches claim him most often at 3am with a beer in hand and a breast enhancement infomercial on the television.
"Stop pullin' a Jaymie and get your hands out of your pants!"
by eyesing February 05, 2010
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