A horrible rapper who is too old to be in the industry any more. Cam'ron has proven this perfectly in his song "You Got to Love It", in which he mentions when Jay Z wore open toe sandals with jeans(how gangster is that?). Jay Z also tries to act cool when he is in his 40's.
Jay Z is a discrase to the New York Jets and the teams fans(like myself), and should never wear any Jets memorabilia again.
by R DeO June 28, 2006
CEO of Def Jam Records
The best of Roc-A-Fella Records
The best rapper out there some say he's fake but they just hatein.
He even has the best girl Beyonce.
Nas on the other hand has Kelis.
Whos Kelis?
Diamonds, Gold, Platinum you get the picture.
by Tesha December 30, 2004
#48 i give u props on yo definition, u absolutley rite: u ignorant or dont no rap if u think he aint tha best.
I live for Jay-Z's mutha fucking music.
by Celest August 12, 2006
Will one day if not already be known as the true greatest of all time. He is already the most admired rapper today. Every rapper who has a record label, clothing line, or any sort of business venture should thank Jay-Z because he is the trailblazer for the lifestyle your favorite rapper has become accustom to.

However instead of taking all the credit he share it with mc's that have passed away (big, pac,) or may not be as hot anymore. All those that chastise Jay for stealing, borrowing, or sampling other rappers should know that for example by taking an old Ice-T song "99 problems" he is helping the evolution of hip-hop without forgetting the legends that paved his way,at the same time he is showing the younger rappers how to manage being a well known public figure from the hood and how to handle all the attention from high profile court cases to high profile girlfriend.

This is something that is never brought to light amongst the common rap fans that don't listen to music but would rather skim through it. It is common among those who criticize Jay to say he was good back in 95 but his skills have taken a back seat to creating a catchy radio single. He has admitted some truth in that assertion however one must remember that the purpose of the single is to advertise the album itself so in order to draw you in their must be a sure fire hit. Supposedly his best album Reasonable Doubt had no such hit. It is no coincidence then that it was his lowest seller and thereby slept-on.

My last point is to refer to the battle between Jay-Z and Nas. To make my point I will paraphrase the lines that the mc's used to battle first Jay would attack Nas credibility making statements that were 100 percent true from his album not being nowhere as good as his first, how he was getting screwed out of his money (if you check reasonble doubts credits you will see he did pay searchlight publishing) and how he wasn't what he claimed to be. Nas responded back by making a whole song calling jay gay. Go back and listen to ether all the parts people always mention are parts not based off truth they are just gay jokes same thing with the stillmatic freestyle gay jokes and theat whole "on the freeway to memephis" nonsense.I will give him that Ether is a great diss song but it doesn't cut with the same power as super ugly song did. He said he left condoms in nas's baby mamas seat that had to hurt him. This is at the end the day what the battle was gay jokes big lips jokes versus personal revaltion that destroys character.
At the end of the day anyone who says ether and nas are better than takeover and jay probably is one of those people that never wanted hip-hop to progress never want anything new or change Jay-Z however is the oppsite as he continues to see how much he can change hip-hop for the better that is why he is the greatest of all time.
"crime family well connected jay-z and you fake thugs is unplugged like mtv"
"pops new exactly what he did when he made me try to get a nut and he got a nut in what"
"and all you other cats throwing shots at jigga/ you only get half a bar F*CK YALL N*GG*S"
"it gets te-di-ous/ so i keep one eye open like c-b-s/ you see me streesed right"
by be fresh September 15, 2005
A good rapper in '95, when he dropped Reasonable Doubt, then he started gettin too commercial wit his rhymes and then he juss got gay.
A few good songs by him is pretty much everything on Reasonable Doubt, he still cant touch Illmatic tho
by Adept March 25, 2005
The sexxiest thing to ever grace the rap game...stop hatin' on my man. He is a genius!
Jay-Z is the shit!
by Sparkle September 05, 2003
The One and Only JIGGAMAN!! a FAMOUS, TALENTED rapper thats undergone sooo much success.. over 10 albums by now.. his last album before he retires, "The Black Album" and accompying the album, "The Black Book" are both MUST HAVES! people may judge his skills to be descending n that he gettin AGED.. but they DUNT KNOW!
#1: sure, nas has got the same skills n is just as hype, BUT HE CAN ONLY TALK THE TALK!
#2: damn right, now our jigga won't let us down. he'll support his Rocafella crew fo SHO!
#1: daaaamn, jay-z? a rapper, manager, producer, actor, n now an author.. boys got talent comin from old KFC!
by sisters <3 H O V ! November 21, 2003
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