A poser that was actually good with Biggie, but when he got shot, he resorted to performing with white boy pop artists, underground rock bands, and soft charcoal reggae musicians. He also performs with Beyonce, which wasn't that good anyway, since all he raps about with her is about his daughter. Was in a feud with Nas, which then ended with Jay-Z being owned on God's Son, which was a diss tape directed towards him, his producers, and his girlfriend-to-be-wife Beyonce. He was so embarrassed apparently that he was angry when he wrote his own diss tape, it fucking sucked monkey cock. Has lately collaborated with Justin Bieber, which proves he sucks even more, as he needs anything to retain his reputation as the wealthiest rap artist in the world. What better way to extort money from 7 year olds? Basically this guy needs to work with more rap artists instead of little spoiled brats, 18 year old wannabes and pimply white boys "from the hood".
Fred: I went to the Jay-Z concert earlier today.

Greg: Really? Did Caitlin force you to?
Fred: Yeah. All he does is sing about a daughter that he's never going to spend time with since he's so fucking rich.
Greg: Amen to that.
#poser #washout #yesterday's pork roast #biggie smalls #good apple gone bad
by IAmRonPaul March 21, 2013
jay z aint that bad of a rapper, but Nas smoked his ass with ether.
jay-z cant hold a candle to nas, ether was best diss song ever.
#gay-z #ether #jay z #beef #nas
by dk13 October 12, 2006
a rapper with abnormally large lips.

Oh, and also associated with Beyonce, Def Jam,Rihanna, and has beef with Nas.

But, mostly, has very, very large lips.
Girl 1: "Did you see Leeza's new lips?"
Girl 2: "Ohmigosh, I know, EW."
Girl 1: "Yeah,I heard she was going for an Angelina Jolie look, but her doctor went crazy with the collage and now she looks like Jay-Z!"
#beyonce #nas #kelis #rihanna #rap
by Dakica February 11, 2008
An overated gay pop artist aka fake rapper who sould his soul for riches. Was "ethered" by rapper NAS, who destroyed him in a rap battle and had Jay Z crying like a bitch on Hot 97. Makes party and pop hits (ala Britney spears). Only had 2 great albums in his lifetime, the rest were pop albums filled with the same lyrics about money,cash,and hoes. Overated by his white boy stans and surburban fans. Has no fanbase in the hood.
Damn you got jay Z'd= TO be humilated, eaten in a battle, and made to look like a bitch
#hov lost #overated rapper #pop artist #britney spears #nas's son
by favorite rappers fav rapper September 29, 2006
An overrated rap artist who always claims to be retiring, but never actually does. Has achieved higher commercial success than most rappers.
Jay-Z's new album is the shit!
#jigga #rapper #black album #beyonce #hip-hop #black
by Mikeyboy22 November 21, 2006
A rapper who is very talented, yet horribly overrated.He doesnt even make the top 10, barely making the top 25.Hes w/o a doubt NOT the best rapper ever, not even close.However, he's still talented, and has some amazing tracks like Dead Presidents II, and 99 Problems.However, he also has tons of commercial trash.

However, he is also probably the smartest rapper alive

After getting murdered by NaS, Jay saw he was losing miserably in their beef.So how does the dude come back on top?He gets control over Def Jam, signs NaS, and then keeps pushing back Nasir's CD untill Jay is ready to drop his right around the same time, yet push his own CD on advertisements much much much more, so he still ends up selling more and it looks like he beat NaS.Then he signs a horrible rapper, Young Jeezy, who is somehow insanely popular, and puts his CD coming out RIGHT around NaS's CD so it looks like some whack dude outsold Nasir, and then Jay can really show people that he beat NaS that bad.That was a dirty, slick, and ingenius move.I gotta give him props for that one.

However, hes run Def Jam to the ground, and gives no others in Def Jam advertisement.
Jay-z is a talented rapper but the most overrated rapper alive.
#def jam #rapper #hip hop #rap #mc
by ~PrObL3M ChiLd~ October 24, 2006
A gay ass rapper that is overrated. One of the most cemmercial artists in the game. A big lipped, camel looking motherfucker, who is anything but the best rapper alive-NOT ONE OF THE GREATEST.
Man, i can't wait until Jay-Z gay ass retire. Nas shitted all over him when they was beefing.
by D.J.J.naptowns_own December 29, 2004
silly lil bitch who sold out to make more money.
your mama a jay z.
get on your knees you jay z.
heheheh touch my face.
#bitch #slut #deep anal penetration #gay #look in the mirror #mmm grab my ass
by you knows bitch October 06, 2006
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