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When somebody repeats something that has just been said during the course of a conversation.

When a Jay Move occurs, it is necssary for everyone around to look over and say "Woooooooooooow Jay!"

It is equal to an Epic Fail in common conversation.
1. Joe: Did you know penguins live in Antartica?
Bob: No, I did not. What a priceless peice of information I have just obtained.

Ten seconds later...

Jay: Did you know penguins live in Antartica?

Joe/Bob: Woooooooow Jay!, what a Jay move you just pulled!

2. Stu: Gee whiz, I sure am hungry..
Ted: Let's go to McDonalds

Frank: I'm hungry guys, let's go to McDonalds.

Stu/Ted: Woooooooow Jay! What a huge Jay Move!!
by Wow-Jay February 06, 2010
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